Dedicated Since 1989

Your Dream Car is Our Passion

B&M Classics is a small, family business dedicated to maintaining classic cars and classic traditions of craftsmanship. With decades devoted to classic car restoration, we’ve built a body of knowledge and experience and a network of trusted partners and suppliers that you can call for everything from a replacement light switch to a total rebuild.

European heritage

This Story Starts in Belgium

Kevin Mattheeuws began work in a restoration shop at the age of 15 and has worked with cars ever since. This career saw him attend trade school, work at a Volkswagen dealership and at a resto shop dedicated to old-school American street muscle. His true calling though was bringing vintage Porsche`s and Volkswagens back to life.

This lead him to establish B&M Classics, restoring vintage cars for customers all over Europe. This work has been featured in international magazines and won prizes in the UK.

Eventually, love then brought Kevin to Australia. When he arrived, he worked in an ordinary panel shop to pay the bills. But his love of vintage and classic still called to him. It was time to bring back BM Classics. Originally a side business and passion project, it has since grown to a full-time operation for two craftsmen.

B&M Classics is not your typical auto repair shop and we’re not for your average driver. We aren’t just keeping beautiful old cars on the road. We’re keeping alive the tools, techniques and expertise to do it properly.

Classic cars are special. There won’t be any more. So speak to us about how we can make your old car into your dream car. It’s our passion.

The Right advice

Are you unsure what’s best for your pride and joy? When you devote all your time restoring vintage cars, you learn a few tricks and find a few of the traps. We’ll happily talk it through.

With A Personal touch

Every job begins with a conversation where you have our full attention. We actually listen. As your dream car takes shape, you can visit to see the progress or we send you photographs.

Every job is custom

We don’t do “one size fits all”, or even “one size fits most”. Perhaps you want your car to be exactly as it was when it was first first driven, from paint to parts. Perhaps you want something wildly custom, a car like no other. Or perhaps your dream car is something in between. We listen to you, talk through your options and work closely to give you exactly what you desire.

Traditional Techniques and Tooling

Restoring classic cars properly means doing it the old way. It requires the equipment, parts and materials of the time – and the know how to use them. We’ve put together the workshop, the global network of suppliers and years of experience to do this work justice. You won’t get that from just any repair shop.

Our Learning is Never Done

This isn’t just a business for us. It’s a craft. Even after all these years, we’re still developing our knowledge and skills through regular study and seminars. That’s what it means to be serious about doing your very best work.