Complete Car Restorations
Vintage and Classic Cars Restored Exactly As You Wish


Our Restorations

Why Come to Us?

We Put You in the Driver's Seat

We give you our full attention and tailor every part of the restoration to your requirements. You’re in total control.

We Love Classic Cars

Our experience stretches back for years, across continents.

Yes, We Do Insurance Work

We’ll give your classic car the post-accident care it needs.

Factory Fresh or Uniquely You

If you want your baby to be just like new, we’ll do it. If you’d prefer a custom car like no other, we can do that too.

We Handle Everything (Or as Much as You Want)

Working with select partners for engines and interiors, we can manage the entire restoration. If you want to do something yourself, that’s fine too.

A Customer to Craftsman Relationship

We’re a family-owned business. You deal directly with the craftsmen who do the work, who keep you updated on the progress.

Tell Us About Your Dream Car

Let’s Have a Chat

Every restoration is different, so let’s talk about yours. Tell us all about how your dream car should look, feel and excite you, and we’ll tell you how it can happen. After that, it’s up to you. There’s no obligation to take it any further if you don’t want to.

Porsche 912

Rotisserie restoration, lots of metalwork was required, floors, 1/4 panels, door skins, edges etc.

Outlaw Porsche 356

Full outlaw/modified restoration.

Subtle changed made to the exterior, interior, high HP engine upgraded brakes and suspension etc making the customers dream come true.

59 Splitscreen VW

Full nut and bolt restoration, with some personal touches. exactly how the customer visualized it.